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2020 Virtual ACES Family Academies


Welcome to virtual ACES Family Academies 2020! We are so excited that we are still able to offer this experience to our ACES family. If you have not already, please use the registration form to sign up and receive updates of when new videos are posted. 
While we are not able to welcome you on campus, please enjoy these greetings from Dean Kidwell, Noelle Neef, and Kirk Builta.
     Dean Kidwell
     Noelle Neef & Kirk Builta

Week 6

Fairy Garden

You may have seen some fairy gardens in your friends and family's gardens during the summer months, but this sessionwill show you how simple and easy it is to make one of these cute trending projects for your own garden or patio.

     Fairy Garden - Rylee Sjuts

What is Ag Ed?

You may have wondered what exactly is agriculture education? It's really not that different than learning about other core subjects. This sessions will give you a better idea of what this means.

     What is Ag Ed? - Mikayla Busby

Study Abroad

We love the University of Illinois campus, but we also love the opportunity students have to explore other parts of the world during their time here!

     Study Abroad - Chase Clausen

Tree Basics

University of Illinois Extension gives us a fun look a the basics of trees.

     Tree Basics - Curt Sinclair

Week Five

A Day on a Cattle Farm

Illinois is home to many cattle farms. Raising and showing cattle requires a lot of hard work and long hours. In this session you will get a better look at all of the day’s work that takes place on a beef cattle farm.

     A Day on a Cattle Farm - Bickelhaupt

The Scope of Agriculture

Do you believe that agriculture is related to every area of your life? In this session, you will see how agriculture is in everything.

     The Scope of Agriculture - Alayna Scranton

Media Interviews

Would you be ready if a TV or newspaper reporter wanted to interview you? In this session, you can learn how to do a media interview through the Todd children’s proposal to get a family dog. 

     Media Interviews - Marla & Jeremiah Todd

Dig In to Gardening

This session from Illinois Extension offers an interactive cooking experience. Gather your garden ingredients and follow along to make veggiecakes!

    Dig In to Gardening - University of Illinois Extension

Week Four

Backyard Floral Arrangements

Seeing a beautiful bunch of flowers can make anyone smile. This session shows you how to make your own flower arrangement at home.

     Backyard Floral Arrangements - Jean & Annika Drasgow

Corn's A-Maize-Ing Journey

Take one quick look around the University of Illinois campus and what do you see?  Corn! Corn is obviously a big part of our lives in Central Illinois, but what do we really know about corn? This session gives us a deeper look at the growing of corn and some of our favorite products that are made from corn.

     Corn's A-Maize-Ing Journey - Beth Conerty & Eric Wolfe

Let's Talk About Money

Saving money may be difficult, but managing your money is very important, even at a young age. In this session, we learn the basics about making, saving, and spending money.  

     Let's Talk About Money - Paul Stoddard

Water Connects Us All

University of Illinois Extension 4-H shares a workshop with us to promote awareness and better practices for managing this natural resource. In this session you will learn about carbon, water and nitrogen cycles, wet lands and helpful engineering practices.

     Water Connects Us All - University of Illinois Extension 4-H

Week Three

Summer Fun in the Kitchen

Everyone loves a delicious summer treat. This video gives you a scrumptious, simple recipe you can make in the kitchen without turning your oven on this summer.

     Summer Fun in the Kitchen - Kendra Courson & Hope Kietzman

Industry Internships

Internships comes in many differnt types and styles. This video will give you a look into one type of internship in the ag industry.

     Industry Internships - Karson Kimpling

Water's Destiny

Water is one of life's most basic necessities, but have you ever given more thought to the details behind it. This video explains the journey of water and the importance behind it.

     Water's Destiny - Maria Librada Chu

Native Plants

Throughout the state of Illinois, there are thousands of native plants that can be found. Take a deeper dive into some plants that can be found in Illinois' ecosystem.

     Native Plants - Kurt Hansen

Week Two


Have you ever wondered how vineyards make products out of grapes? This session will show you how grapes are grown in a vineyard and how they are turned into some of our favorite healthy treats.

     Viticulture - Sue Gray

Campus Tour 

Though you are not currently able to visit our favorite place in person this summer, we want to give you a quick view. See the College of ACES campus through our eyes.

     Campus Tour - Rylee Sjuts

Scouting a Bean Field

This session will show you the basics of how farmers scout a soybean field. You can get a closer look at field conditions, treated seeds, and the appearance of a healthy soybean plant.

     Scouting a Bean Field - Ryan Miller

Butterfly Adventures

University of Illinois Extension 4-H addresses all the intricacies of butterflies. This series of videos gives us a fun look into the different stages of a butterfly’s life.

     Butterfly Adventures - University of Illinois Extension 4-H

Week One


With urban agriculture becoming more relevant in today's society, new ways to grow plants are emerging. Hydroponics is one way urban agriculturalists are growing plants. This video will show you how to make one of many hydroponic systems. 

     Hydroponics - Noelle Neef

Health and Hunger

There is no question that some people in the world are lacking resources that we sometimes take for granted. This game will teach you about how there are varied resources for families around the world.

     Health and Hunger - Jan Brooks

Get to Know the College of ACES

This purpose of this activity is to familiarize you with the broad spectrum of opportunities within the College of ACES. We hope this will excite you, help you explore what you might want to pursue, and deepen your interest in the many fields of study in the college.

     Explore the College of ACES 

Learn More About the College of ACES

Attend the College of ACES

The College of ACES offers 10 majors with many different concentrations!

            Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE)

            Agricultural and Consumer Economics (ACE)

            Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications (ALEC)

            Animal Sciences

            Computer Science and Crop Sciences

            Crop Sciences 

            Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN)

            Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS)

            New! - Metropolitan Food & Environmental Systems (MFST)

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