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The University of Illinois College of ACES Alumni Association inspires meaningful engagement and advocacy amongst the ACES family to advance the College of ACES.

ACES Alumni Association Engagement

The College of ACES Alumni Board has created a strategic plan for 2014-2016 with top priorities including Fellowship and Alumni Engagement, Awards and Recogntion and Student Engagement. The board will actively pursue goals to enhance programming efforts and the mission of the ACES Alumni Association.


Fellowship/Alumni Engagement
The College of ACES Alumni Association will provide meaningful activities, events, and opportunities to develop and strengthen relationships among alumni and between alumni and the College through annual district events, engaging young alumni and our international alumni presence.  The ACES Alumni Association seeks to improve communition with the ACES departments in the College of ACES and increase alumni involvement across the college.  Continue to serve as advocates for the College of ACES and University of Illinois.

Awards & Recognition
The College of ACES Alumni Association strives to recognize and publicize/promote excellence and inspire alumni and students.  The ACES Alumni Association continues to seek and recognize oustanding alumni through the ACES Alumni Award of Merit, ACES Family Spirit and ACES Outstanding Young Alumni Award programs annually.  The board will investigate new awards to enhance the current awards program including a Friend of ACES award, a professional career alumni award, and a student award. The ACES Round Barn Society program will continue to be built upon the foundation and grow opportunities to engage alumni.

Student Engagement
The College of ACES Alumni Association continues to want to increase awareness of the ACES Alumni Association among the ACES student body and facilitate engagement throughout a student’s academic experience.  The ACES Alumni Board will investigate an alumni family program to bring alumni and youth to campus to learn more about the College of ACES.  The board also plans to continue engagement with the ACES Student Advancement Committee and other students to increase the awareness of the Alumni Association.  The board will also investigate options for establishing an ACES Alumni Association scholarship, likely one award from each alumni district for students.

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