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Presenter Info

Dear ACES Administration, Faculty, Staff and U of I Extension:

The College of ACES Alumni Association will once again host the ACES Family Academies program, July 13-14, 2017, on the College of ACES campus! This year we have expanded the youth ages to 8-13 year olds. The schedule of the program will remain similar to last year and we are seeking your assistance to help us create the educational and hands-on environment for families to learn, engage and build those Illini memories!  ACES Family Academies is a 1.5 day camp experience targeted for alumni to bring their children, grandchildren or other family members to live on campus, eat in the dorms and take ACES classes learning about our majors, programs and research. 

Thank you to the College of ACES departments, faculty, staff, and students for assisting to make this event a reality the last two years! We could not have done this without your support to showcase the College of ACES to our alumni and potential future Illini! Many of the sessions were hands-on in nature and families walked away with a new appreciation for the College of ACES and many saying "this event went above and beyond our expectations".

A few participant quotes included:

"It was a great time, and ran VERY smoothly. Very impressed with program for its first year. My boys were able to see just a few of the things you can pursue in college in the ag field."

"We gained an understanding of some of the innovative research/work going on in the College of ACES, a familiarity of what it is like to "live" on campus in residence, and a sincere appreciation for the dedication of the Alumni Relations team and the Alumni association volunteers. We truly enjoyed the opportunity to meet people, compare experiences, and share with our children."

"We enjoyed the time on campus, participating in the classes together, great family bonding time! The presenters for all classes were well prepared and did an excellent job in engaging the children."

"Every session provided interesting information in a fun way. We were able to walk on the campus and talk about going to college. We also located my dorms and classroom areas and talked about college experiences. This was a great bonding experience. Each time that we attend a program like ACES Academies the comfort level of being on a large campus will increase. My grandson was already comfortable with the areas where we walked and had classes. He looks forward to coming back."

Please consider participating in this upcoming year’s program by offering a 90 minute hands-on session targeted toward 8-13 year-old children (and their grandparents/parents/adults). You may already have a similar program or outreach effort in place that could easily be adapted. We are looking for fun, interactive sessions that can be conducted on-campus in one of the classrooms, labs, farms, etc. Faculty, staff, grad students or students are welcome to present the sessions.  If you have idea and would like to discuss how to make a topic age appropriate, we welcome discussions to involve you!

If you are interested in leading a session but believe you need more than 90 minutes we can schedule your class as a part I and part II, giving two 90 minute sessions (180 minutes total). We may also offer your session twice if your time permits.  Funds will be provided to reimburse for session supplies on a per person basis, up to $10 per person, as needed.

If your department/unit would like to participate, please respond by November 15, 2016 or before via the online survery form ( We will be accepting a variety of sessions from each department, so creativity is important to showcase what the College of ACES has to offer and we would like to see all departments represented!  We would like to see some new sessions offered to entice new participants!

You can view photos from last year’s ACES Family Academies inaugural event online.

You will be asked to provide:

  • A commitment to the dates of the program and if you have a preference for a specific day.
  • A session title with a short description that can be included in promotional materials (3-5 sentences). 
  • Number your session can accommodate. We would like to have a minimum of 20-25 people per session.
  • Name of the person coordinating and contact information.
  • Whether a specific classroom or lab is required and if you have access to this space to reserve.
  • If there is a day/time during the 1.5 days when the session cannot be lead (if known).

If you have any questions, please contact me at 217-333-7744 or via email at at the ACES Alumni Association. I hope you will consider participating in this event to showcase our college! 

Please let me know of your interest by November 15, 2016 or before via the online survey form ( as we hope to launch registration by January 1, 2017 this year with a priority registration period for alumni and then an open registration to friends of the College of ACES.